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MTG Frameworks Server

This is our platform to configure integration processes to match your business processes. This platform is driven by data and not by users. This means documents are sent to its destination as your business process requires when the data is ready to be sent - a seamless extension of your business process.

All processes are configured interactively without programming. If you need to integrate with another system, simply have the appropriate adapter for that system installed.

Our integration solutions can be implemented as fast as a few weeks and no longer than a 2 to 3 months. We guarantee you will be happy with the results - a successful, easy to manage integration.


We Are The Right Answer To A Difficult Problem !

Why Integrate ?

Enterprise application integration assures timely, accurate information-sharing among all your business teams—regardless of the specific application each team uses. There's no need to compromise on all-in-one software packages that sacrifice functionality. Your workforce needs the best and most flexible project management and financial systems. Integrating these best-of-breed applications improves your productivity, cost-effectiveness, and service to clients and business partners. In other words, effective integration delivers ongoing competitive advantage.

Why Morpheus ?

Morpheus Technology Group provides field-proven integration solutions. These result from our wealth of ERP experience with some of the world's leading AEC firms. Couple this with our proven MTG Frameworks® software platform and it becomes clear why we achieve such rapid deployment, which means rapid returns for our clients. Every solution we provide is built through a custom configuration process because every business has unique workflows and business rules. Downstream changes, Enterprise Application upgrades, and migration to new applications are all simplified with MTG Frameworks®, resulting in the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Answer: 15 Years of Proven Success !

Since 2001, Morpheus Technology Group has set the standard for Enterprise Application Integration for the AEC industries. Using our powerful middleware platform, MTG Frameworks®, our implementations deliver results in weeks or a few months, not 6 months or sometimes a year. This helps our clients realize immediate financial, operational, and technological advantages in this highly competitive business sector. Some clients have found our integration solution has paid for itself in as little as 12 months.

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