Our Mission is to Enhance
Your Business Productivity.

Seamless information sharing over the entire enterprise
is the #1 goal.
Who We Are

Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) was formed in 2001 to provide faster, more effective enterprise data integration. Ever since, we've been redefining the integration process. From the beginning, our objectives and measures of success have been clear:
  • To be cost-effective
  • To facilitate rapid development and implementation
  • To deliver ease of use
  • To provide for painless reconfiguration
  • To enable total customer control

A strategy realized

For ten years now, we've been realizing these objectives through consistent application of four unique resources:

1. Our proprietary middleware solution, MTG Frameworks® Enterprise Edition. 

Its powerful tools and flexible framework enable us to integrate best-of-breed enterprise applications simply and efficiently—while meeting unique customer needs.

2. The MTG core team's knowledge and expertise.

Our founding team members possess a wealth of real-world, hands-on experience in integrating accounting, project management, and other applications for major AEC customers. This allows us to optimize the performance of each individual application as well as the overall enterprise. 

3. A client-centric, ROI-focused consulting perspective. 

Our whole focus is on providing integration solutions that let functional groups use the best applications for them, while also sharing information seamlessly and efficiently over the entire enterprise. The goal is to meet the needs of individual teams and the whole organization—not just one or the other. This approach ultimately delivers the greatest ROI.

4. Our valued partnerships.

We have longstanding, close partnerships with JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Primavera, Meridian, and other major industry players. This gives us a real advantage in supplying customized, proprietary solutions comprising the best software available.

Technology Partnerships

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