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Morpheus Integration Client Wins Award

Contact Information: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
Jim Lennertz, President November 30, 2006
Morpheus Technology Group

Stacey Witt, Media Relations
Connexia Communications, Inc.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, November 30, 2006—The City of Phoenix Water Services Department (WSD), one of the Morpheus Technology Group’s (MTG) company’s principle clients in 2005/2006, has just been awarded a ConstrucTech 2006 Vision Award—winning a Gold in the Government, $251 to $500 million category. In announcing the award, ConstrucTech cited MTG’s pivotal role in the integration effort that helped the Phoenix WSD reduce project cost overruns by 7%—a total of $28 million in the first year of operation.

Previous overruns resulted primarily from the complex infrastructure of Phoenix’s WSD. Steady population growth required the department to manage 360,000 water connections delivering more than 103 billion gallons per year—plus 66 billion gallons of wastewater treatment. This involved oversight of $1.4 billion in capital improvements to the city’s water system.

To gain more control over the enormous task, a higher degree of integration among the department’s computer subsystems proved vital. To that end, the MTG Frameworks Solution Set was used to integrate Primavera Expedition project management software, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning package, and Saybrook Associates Central Repository for Program/Project Data. The end goal was for MTG Frameworks to let WSD program managers view financial and project management data through a single application window—and on screens and in formats that were practical, simple, and easy to interpret.

“The integration process of these complex and very different systems went smoothly and quickly—much to the city’s surprise,” said MTG President Jim Lennertz. “Due to the flexibility of MTG Frameworks, the effort took just three months, from concept and design through development, testing, and roll-out.”

The scope of the project was expanded later to add still greater levels of integration. However, the integration solution to date has proven so simple to manage that MTG has provided just five hours of consulting services to help the Phoenix WSD fine-tune the system—a rarity in the otherwise complex system integration business.

According to the City of Phoenix’s analyses, WSD managers can now manage capital improvements more thoroughly and effectively—and in much less time. The integration provided better project overview tools, which presented a clearer and more accurate view of both past and projected costs. This ultimately enabled better resource allocation and prioritization as well as superior executive level summary reporting and benchmarking.

Morpheus Technology Group specializes in developing innovative solutions for integrating financial, project management, and customer management applications. MTG's proprietary middleware platform, the MTG Frameworks Solution Set, helps to surmount typical integration complications, enabling simple, fast and cost-effective integration for tangible business process improvement.

For further information about MTG, contact Stacey Witt at Connexia Communications, 949.584.5773, or Jim Lennertz at Morpheus Technology Group, 800.328.0564 or

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