Redefining the Integration Process.
Ease. Efficiency. Effectiveness.

The MTG process consulting approach is hands-on, which proves
critical to integration speed, client self-sufficiency, and overall
project ROI.


Process consulting for efficient integration.

There's no doubt that MTG Frameworks® platforms provide a foundation for integration success. But our hands-on consulting approach is what ultimately drives the entire project. It's the result of our team's real-world experience delivering ERP solutions for many major AEC company's. And this approach explains why we typically take weeks, not months, to maximize integration solution effectiveness. Our consulting process has three essential phases:
  1. We help identify the applications and integration methods most appropriate for your enterprise, beginning with your current process and organizational goals.
  2. We develop an integration structure that enables each individual team to maximize functionality of their "best of breed" applications.
  3. We ensure all system components work together smoothly, so each team can share data seamlessly with the other functional areas.

Customer control is the ultimate goal

Throughout the integration process, we train your staff to manage the system and reconfigure as necessary. MTG Frameworks® solutions are designed for intuitive, efficient operation and flexible configuration. Consider the benefits:
  • Extensive training of your IT staff is not required.
  • Your staff is never dependent on our integration team.
  • When the project is completed, we turn the system over to you.
  • We're always here to help, but you'll rarely need it.

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