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The MTG Frameworks® platforms provide rapid, scalable, cost-cutting
solutions-no matter how complex the integration.
MTG Frameworks Enterprise

A powerful, middleware platform simplifies Enterprise Application Integration.

MTG Frameworks® Enterprise Edition makes it possible to develop and implement complex, enterprise-level integration solutions smoothly, rapidly, and cost-effectively. You can aggregate source data from multiple applications to populate your ERP or EPM (Enterprise Project Management) applications. And maintenance is easy since the built-in Developer Studio gives you solution ownership. You can extend the solution, include new applications, or expand integration functionality.

Our MTG Frameworks Enterprise edition is a robust, highly configurable middleware integration platform suited to many software platforms. It can integrate Primavera, JD Edwards, Meridian, Oracle, PeopleSoft, CGC and other application software. And it virtually eliminates custom programming, while still delivering a customized solution. 

Frameworks Enterprise Edition includes a portfolio of MTG Adapters that enable efficient integration of leading Project Management systems (Prolog, Proliance, Primavera Contract Management and P6) and Enterprise Accounting applications including Oracle Financials, JD Edwards World, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and PeopleSoft. The adapters assure forward compatibility with new releases of the software applications greatly reducing the maintenance required. 

Exceeding all three criteria of integration success
There are lots of integration solutions out there today. Size them up and you'll discover only MTG Frameworks Enterprise Edition meets all three of these critical success criteria:
1. Cost effectiveness—MTG Frameworks Enterprise Edition promotes greater repeatability and reuse in the design and implementation effort. It helps you leverage your existing resources and technology and expand or upgrade efficiently.

2. Rapid implementation—MTG Frameworks Enterprise Edition enables a streamlined configuration process that accelerates software integration and minimizes the impact on your organization.

3. Ease of use—It shouldn't take extensive resource training to implement, configure, or maintain your system. With MTG Frameworks® Enterprise Edition, you manage integration processes from a single point of access using the MTG Process Manager, whether for organization, configuration, modification, scheduling, or monitoring. 

Built to change as your data integration needs change
In the traditional world of IT, change can be expensive. Reprogramming for business-rule or work-process changes can cost as much as the initial project. And along the way, subject-matter knowledge can easily get lost. Fortunately, MTG Frameworks® fully protects your initial investment, since agility is its forte. Revisions to meet new requirements are implemented painlessly. Updates are performed in days. And new versions of vendor software are seamlessly accommodated through MTG adapter updates.

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