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Integrating ‘Best of Breed’ Applications


Integration without complication

Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) was formed in 2001 to provide faster, more effective enterprise data integration. Ever since, we've been redefining the integration process. Our criteria for success are simple:
  • To be cost-effective
  • To facilitate rapid development and implementation
  • To deliver ease of use
  • To provide for painless reconfiguration
  • To enable total customer control
To realize these goals, we developed a proprietary middleware solution, MTG Frameworks® Enterprise Edition. Its powerful tools and flexible framework enable us to integrate leading enterprise applications simply and efficiently, while meeting unique customer needs.

Integration without compromise

Multi-function application packages seldom perform well in more than one area. The truth is, "best of breed" applications provide superior support and flexibility. That's why the most effective integration solution is one that enables functional groups to work efficiently using the best application for them. The secret is to achieve this while also enabling seamless information sharing over the entire enterprise. This is our fundamental integration goal at Morpheus Technology Group.

System-wide integration expertise

Our proprietary solutions have integrated software from JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Primavera, Meridian, and many others. Our core team members are experts at integrating accounting, project management, and other applications. Their insights and experience enabled us to construct a middleware solution, MTG Frameworks®, which helps optimize the performance of each individual application and the overall enterprise.

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